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Cool Concrete Projects you should Try

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Concrete is used in so many things nowadays. It’s not even fixed in construction only, it’s technically a material that can be used with anything as long as you have the imagination for it. So, when you think of building something you don’t have to automatically think about Richmond concrete contractor.

When you think of the word concrete there is nothing whimsical or beautiful about it. It is mostly a means for construction and thus it usually means serious business. However, as time moves people has started thinking outside the box. As creativity flows the usual box that we put concrete in is broken. Here are a following ideas you can try to emulate with some cool concrete projects.

1. Flower Vases

Yes, you read that right. Concrete flower vases is a thing you can make on your own. There is something that is almost charming to it. The roughness of the concrete paired with the delicate blooms create an unusual masculine but yet feminine feel to it.

2. Hanging Table

Concrete hanging table perfect for a small pot of plant or a bedside decor that could add a unique look to the room. It is pretty easy to make and it could be a beautiful alternative to the traditional bedside table.

3. Concrete Clock

Another unusual but definitely an easy DIY you will love. You can make a concrete clock and make the whole thing look amazing. It is pretty much a a simple make and by the end of it you will only need the hands and a battery to keep them running.

4. Garden Planters

Planters is usually made of clay, plastic and other materials you never thought you would want to make. However, many people are using recycled things to make as molds and make their garden planters. This one is cute, unique and definitely charming plus it totally make the whole feeling a little bit eccentric yet chic.

5. Concrete Monograms

There has been a rise with all the monogram inspired pictures this past couple of years. From small ones that look inconspicuous in a corner to the big ones that deserves their own hall of fame. However, never have one thought of making it out of concrete. So, why not try it out maybe you can use it as a paperweight, a bookend or even just a plain decor.

There are so many other projects that you can do with concrete, you can find inspiration about it just about in the biggest platform of knowledge the web. The concrete DIY don’t always stay in the cutesy or charming end of the spectrum. Remember the concrete is mostly used in constructing houses and now that it has gotten out of its box. You can make other functional structures in the house using concrete. For example is a plate or cup holder. A drying rack, a bowl and even shelves. It all depend on how you can make use of one material and make something out of it, either by look or functions.

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